Can I Use Essential Oils to Ward Off Cold and Flu Germs?

essential oils fight germs

Flu Season Is Upon Us

As I write this, flu season has just begun. Doctors are recommending that you get your flu shot as soon as possible, but some people (myself included) are nervous about the other ingredients that go into the flu shot besides the flu vaccine itself.

Have you ever wondered if there was a natural way to fight off the flu and other viruses? Maybe you’ve heard or read about how essential oils can improve your health.  But can essential oils really provide a way for you to protect yourself and your family from the cold and flu?

Essential Oils Provide a Natural Alternative to Traditional Flu Vaccines

The short answer? Yes.

Now, for the longer answer: Essential oils have powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties.

While some oils might have more of a germ-killing reputation than others, almost all essential oils contain powerful antioxidants that heal the body while warding off nasty things like mold, bacteria, and viruses.

essential oils


Which Essential Oils Are Best?

As noted above, certain essential oils are better than others when it comes to fighting germs.

Some of the best are:

  • Lemon oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Clove oil
  • Rosemary oil
  • Cinnamon leaf oil
  • Thyme oil
  • Oregano oil

Using combinations of the abovementioned oils, you can make up your own essential oil blends for personal use to protect yourself all year long.

How Do I Use the Essential Oils?

Essential oils are typically either ingested, topically administered, or diffused into the air.

In the above list, some oils are perfectly safe to ingest (as long as you are buying high-quality, food grade oils). These include rosemary, lemon, thyme, and oregano. In fact, this is the best way to use these oils. They are also safe to use on your skin as long as you mix them with a carrier oil, like coconut oil. (You can also ingest them this way – virgin coconut oil is very good for the body, as well).

You can use eucalyptus on your skin sparingly (and you can also gargle with it), but you need to make sure you have diluted it in a carrier oil before trying either method. Just to stay on the safe side, I like to diffuse my eucalyptus oil.

Clove and cinnamon are really hot oils that should not be ingested, and they should only be used on the skin in a very, very diluted form. Even then, you should use extreme caution. I made a homemade perfume once  that had clove oil in it, and the skin on my neck broke out minutes after I put it on for the first time. It didn’t bother my wrists, though. I think my neck is just really, really sensitive. Still, skin irritation is definitely something to watch for with these oils. For safety’s sake, it’s probably much better to use these oils in a diffuser only.

can you put essential oils on your skin

Where Should I Get Essential Oils?

As I mentioned before, quality is important when it comes to selecting essential oils, especially if you’re trying to use these oils to keep yourself healthy.

Some of the best oils on the market today come from the direct sales companies DoTERRA and Young Living. These oils can come with a hefty price, but they’re totally worth it. You get what you pay for, and this statement is even truer when you’re talking about essential oils.

Check out those two companies and see what they have to offer. You might just find that their oils are more affordable than you first thought.

But if you still can’t find a way to fit those into your budget, there are some other pretty acceptable alternatives, like my favorite online shopping club, Plant Therapy, and even Country Scents.

I buy my essential oils from a number of different sources. Sometimes I’ll prefer one company’s scent over another (you wouldn’t think lemon oil would smell different from one manufacturer to another, but it does). Or sometimes I’ll prefer the way a certain company’s oil reacts to my body over another’s. For sinus-clearing power, DoTERRA and Young Living can’t be beat. Honestly. This is one issue I face daily, and so I’ve learned that the quality of these oils over others is worth every bit of the price tag – and then some.

I’ve found that the best thing to do when it comes to selecting the essential oils you want to use on a daily basis is to try a variety of oils from a variety of different companies to find your favorites – and you WILL find your favorites.

It’s well worth the time and effort you will put into experimenting with essential oils, and it can even be fun!

But what’s most important is it’s absolutely one of the healthiest things you can do for your body. Don’t wait. Go buy some essential oils today!

Peanut Butter Fat Bomb Recipe

peanut butter fat bomb recipe

When I decided to give up sugar, I started reading a lot about the paleo and keto diets. I devoured all the information I could find about eating plans, recipes, and just general information on how to survive life without sugar.

It is absolutely, 100%, like breaking an addiction. Sugar is poison, and it’s also like a drug.

Your body will go through detox/withdrawal symptoms, and it will be pretty ugly for a while. But once you get through to the other side, you will see how totally and completely worth it is to get the sugar out of your diet.

Anyway, enough preaching…

Many sites I visited mentioned things called fat bombs, and that’s what I really want to talk about in this blog post.

Getting past the low-fat mindset

If you’re a product of the 1990s like I am, you probably cringe at the very thought of eating more fat (which is basically what needs to happen when you start eating paleo, and especially keto).

I went on my first weight loss diet journey in the late 1980s/early 1990s when low fat was all the rage.  Companies were taking fat out of our favorite junk foods right and left.

Remember Snackwell’s? Those little Devil’s Food cookies used to be my best friends.

snackwells devls food cookie cakes

It wasn’t until after I’d eaten about 10 zillion of them that I found out that, in the process of taking out fat, low-fat food manufacturers were actually putting in MORE sugar. Not as healthy as they claimed to be, by any shot.

Today, Snackwell’s has reformulated their best selling products, but they still have a lot of sugar. A package of two Devil’s Food cookie cakes has 18 grams of sugar and 28 carbs which, depending on how strictly you’re watching your carb counts, could be about one-half to one-fourth of your total carb intake goal for the whole day.

As much as I used to love them, I just can’t see how those little cookies are worth not eating much of anything else for the rest of the day. It’s just not a good idea.

When you ditch the carbs, you have to add the fat

As I recorded everything I ate during the day in the first days of my low-carb journey, I found that I was falling significantly short in reaching my fat goals for the day.

What do I use to track my daily food intake to make sure I stay on track (or see where I fall short) with my eating? The free nutrition tracker over at

Seriously. It’s free. Go check it out.

All you have to do is use the keto calculator I linked to above to figure out what your macro ratios need to be. Then you input those into your SparkPeople settings so you can see how close to or far from your goals you actually are.

In the first few weeks of this journey, there were many, many times I fell short of my fat goals. I was doing pretty well at cutting the carbs, but I was still mostly eating low-fat foods.

I started thinking more about those fat bombs I’d been reading about and realized that making and eating those could help me increase my fat intake tremendously without adding to my carb load.

Fat bombs – the low-carb treat for the sweet tooth

As I researched fat bomb recipes, I discovered that there are quite a few that use sugar substitutes like Stevia. So, not only could I increase my fat intake with the fat bombs, but I could also satisfy my sweet tooth. And I could even eat chocolate!!


chocolate tahini fat bomb

These were the first fat bombs I made.  I loved that they had chocolate in them, but I wasn’t too fond of the tahini. It was all right. It just wasn’t as similar to a peanut butter cup as I was expecting it to be.

The fact is the only reason I tried to make those fat bombs is because I didn’t have any peanut butter in the house, although I did have tahini (go figure!)

Over family favorite – peanut butter fat bombs

By the time I did get peanut butter in the house, I ran out of cacao. So, I decided to try the fat bombs without chocolate. The basic peanut butter fat bomb was born.

It’s a favorite with three out of four of our family members now (the little one still prefers the chocolate version).

Here’s a screenshot of the recipe I posted online at Sometimes I leave out the cinnamon. I think these fat bombs are still delicious, even without the spice!

peanut butter fat bomb recipe

Fat bombs don’t have to be sweet

As much as I love the fact that you can use these fat bombs to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can also make fat bombs that are savory, like the bacon, egg, and avocado fat bites mentioned on this site.

I think I might try those next – and also those cinnamon bun fat bombs (no, I can’t stay away from those sweet ones). I’ve been craving cinnamon rolls for a while now.

What’s your favorite fat bomb?

Have you made and/or eaten any fat bombs recently? Which ones are your favorites? Let me know in the comments.

Become a Time Management Master


Become a Time Management Master

Today I’m going to talk about something I struggle with on a daily basis – time management.

This can be an especially tricky thing to master for those of us who are moms and are trying to run our own businesses. But I know other people struggle with it as well. I used to, even before I was a mom or was trying to start my own business.

Have you tried to manage your time more efficiently but still seem to fall short of mastering the task? I do almost every day.

Do you find it intimidating, or perhaps even boring, to try to use your time wisely and get things done?

Do you find yourself getting distracted easily?

Maybe it’s time you look at time management in a new way. What do you think might happen if you tried to make staying organized more fun by making a game out of it?

Being organized and scheduling everything can be fun? You don’t believe it, do you? Believe me, I understand. I used to be the same way.

But taking control of your time and your life doesn’t have to be boring or monotonous. If you do it in such a way that you enjoy it, you’ll probably get a lot more done. Try it and see. Here are some things to think about to get you started.

accountability partners

Recruit an accountability partner

Having someone to hold you accountable will cause you to get more done because you’ll have to check in with them on a regular basis. You’ll be embarrassed if you don’t make your goals. You’ll want to avoid that embarrassment, so you’ll naturally be more productive.

Having someone you check in with can really boost your focus and productivity, especially if that person doesn’t cut you any slack. There won’t be any playing around or surfing the Internet when you know you have to account for your time and work ethic to someone else.

In a way, it’s like having a boss. You wouldn’t slack on a job in the outside world, so why slack on yourself if you work from home?

It can also be a lot of fun having a friend keep you in check. You get to chat for a few minutes each day and share your ups and downs with each other.

Set a timer

A timer is a great tool for getting your productive brain flowing. There’s something about racing the clock and knowing it’s ticking down that gets you motivated and in a super-productive mode. You can use your kitchen timer, a timer on your smartphone, or download one of the many free timers that are available online. 

If you have a long list and expect to check in with your accountability partner, you may want to set the timer for an hour and see how much you can get done in that time. If that seems intimidating for you, start with 15 minutes to see how much you can accomplish. For big things, like article or email writing, you may want to set the timer at 30 minutes to give yourself time to get into a writing flow.

pink and blue alarm clock

Take frequent breaks

In between productive times as measured by the timer, you will want to take frequent breaks (which you will also need to time). Trying to push yourself too hard will only leave you feeling frustrated, which will kill your motivation and desire to get things done.

This is the idea behind the Pomodoro technique. There are plenty of timers designed specifically for this technique. This is one of my favorites for the iPhone.

Try this method and see if it doesn’t work for you to skyrocket your productivity. It’s one of the only things that’s worked to help me keep on track. I can focus on anything for 15-20 minutes if I know there’s a five minute break coming up during which I can check email or surf through Facebook, etc.  

On some of your breaks, however, be sure to go for a walk. Step outside for some fresh air, or just get up and move around your house or your office. Physical exercise really helps wake up your mind and increases your ability to focus on a task. 

Challenge yourself and make a guessing game out of it

You can either do this activity by yourself or enlist the help of a friend (or your accountability partner). Look at your to-do list and guess how many items you can tick off within a certain amount of time.

Asking someone else to help you will make it more of a challenge for you. If you’re doing this with a friend, tell them how many items you have on your list and have them guess how many you can tick off within the allotted time.

Then get busy working on your list to see if you can get them all done before your time runs out. If you do, reward yourself in some way – like with a nap or a piece of chocolate, or maybe even get your friend to take you out to dinner or a cup of coffee.  

you got this

Getting a grip on time management can seem like a daunting task. If you make it fun and challenge yourself to get things done, or have someone else challenge you, you will eventually master it, get more done, and you might even find yourself enjoying the process.

Turning time management into a game isn’t something you want to do every day, but trying this once or twice a week can be fun and really help you check things off your list in a flash.

Give it a try. You have nothing to lose, and you might just gain a lot!

Is Your Home Decor Halloween Ready?

Is Your Home Decor Halloween Ready?

halloween home decor


I don’t know about you, but I love Halloween – the pumpkins, the month-long scary movie binge, the dressing up, and (until recently) the candy!

I didn’t used to decorate for Halloween, though. I don’t know why, but the only holiday I’ve ever really decorated the house for is Christmas (it’s my favorite).

Do you go cute or creepy with your Halloween decorations?

But the kids are getting older now, and they have a say in the home decor to some extent (after all, they live here too). One day they went to Cracker Barrel with their grandparents, and they came home with this.

scary halloween decorations

Admittedly, this is not my style at all (scary movie lover that I am). But this creepy guy is currently hanging out in my kitchen . He eats dinner with us every night.

Still, I can’t wait until Halloween is over, so I can pack this guy up in a box and store him upstairs! And, just maybe, he will not return…

When I joined Country Scents as a representative, I bought one of their CountryKinz crates, and I got this as a special bonus. One in four crates comes with a bonus gift. This was mine. Perfect for the season, and much more my style than is Mr. Creepy Dinner Guest up there.

cute halloween decorationsIn addition to the $50 worth of Country Scents products (I got a candle, wax melts, and a cute little stuffed dog with scent beads to go inside him) that come in the Country Crate, you also get a surprise gift of Country Cash (you just have to go to the website to redeem it).

country scents country crate

I got $5! I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to spend it on, but I’m really leaning toward the Brown Sugar and Fig reed diffuser. That scent profile just sounds like it would be perfect for fall. Plus, there’s no fire involved in the scent spreading. With two kids and three cats in the house, sometimes candle burning is … impractical, to say the least.

Halloween is all about … the pumpkins!

Linus (of Charlie Brown fame) knew about the importance of the pumpkin when it comes to Halloween. I watched that cartoon for the first time when I was a kid, and I’ve never forgotten it. So, the first thing that always comes to mind when I think about Halloween is… pumpkins!

I feel like pumpkins are an essential part of any Halloween decor setup, whether you use real or artificial ones. I love both, but the real ones start to rot after a while, and I tend to forget how long I’ve had them sitting around, and … you can imagine. It’s not a pretty picture.

I always choose to go artificial with my Christmas trees, and I do the same with my pumpkins.

Country Scents has the most adorable pumpkin wax warmer available for sale right now. Look how cute this is!

Of course, if you’re going to get a brand new wax warmer, you’ll need some new wax tarts to go with it. Country Scents has you covered there too, with some very Halloween-y scents.

Tricky Treat has top notes of pumpkin, persimmon, and apple; middle notes of blueberries, elderberries, currants, orange, and cinnamon; and sweet base notes of sugar cane and vanilla.

Broomsticks and Berries has top notes of peach, apricot, and blackberries; middle notes of mandarin, cinnamon, and rose; and just a touch of woodsy musk.

 Both scents also come in the 8 ounce and 16 ounce jar candles.

How are you decorating for Halloween?

So, that’s a glimpse into how our family is dressing up our home for this holiday.

What are you doing with yours?

What scents are you burning/enjoying right now? Let me know in the comments.

Looking for ways to make some money from home?

I joined Country Scents because:

  1. It was free. I don’t have to pay a monthly fee to keep my online store up and running. All I have to do to stay active is make a purchase of any amount once every three months.
  2. Their workshop/store is about 30 minutes away from where I live, so I can go see them any time I want!
  3. Their products are amazing – mostly all natural, and their scents are truly the best. I’ve done Gold Canyon, Jewelscent, Scentsy, and now this – it’s the best of all of those.

I love promoting Country Scents products, and I bet you will too. If you sign up to join my team, I will select and send you a special free gift. That way you can get to know Country Scents’ products a little better right from the beginning, without having to spend a penny!

You really have nothing to lose. Check out the sign up page and get started with your new direct sales career today!

Read This Before Subscribing to Butcher Box!!!

butcher box review

As part of my recent lifestyle change, I decided to look into some healthier meat options. I’m eating more of it now than I ever have in my life, so I want to make sure I’m getting the best quality meat possible.

On the face of it, that’s what Butcher Box, a monthly subscription service to the tune of $129 for 24 meals’ worth of meat, whether you choose a mixture like I did or whether you get all beef, chicken, or pork, offers. You can also choose a 30-day or 60-day period for your recurring payment and the arrival of your next box.

There are plenty of coupons and offers available online. I took advantage of some (plus the 1000 Swagbucks offer for signing up) and decided to plunge into the world of boxed meat with Butcher Box.

The Promise

“Convenience” – perfectly portioned and packaged meat delivered right to your door.

“Quality” – 100% Grass-fed & Grass-finished Beef, Heritage Breed Pork, and Free-range Organic Chicken

“Value” – less than $6 per meal, plus free shipping

How the Butcher Box Service Holds Up to the Promise


From my experience, the only convenience Butcher Box truly cares about is their own.

I ordered my first box on September 30. On October 2, I received an email saying that my box was on the way, and they sent me the FedEx tracking information. The box was supposed to have been delivered yesterday, October 4, 2018, by the end of the day.

On Wednesday, I checked the tracking information just to see where the box was, and there was a notice that the package would not be delivered because it was damaged.

I was understandably disappointed. I’d been planning my meals for the week around that high-quality, healthy meat that was supposed to be coming in the mail, and then I suddenly discovered there was no meat and no meals for the week (and I’d already paid my $120+ – that’s more than my weekly grocery budget).

So, I reached out to customer service to see what the company could do to make things right for me, a brand new customer. I’m copying and pasting the exact emails so I can give you a really clear picture of what I found myself facing (in addition to the non-receipt of the box I’d already paid for).

Here’s the first message I sent:

I was checking on the status on my order that was supposed to be delivered by tomorrow evening, and I found this… “unable to deliver because of damaged package.”
We are quite disappointed and upset because this is our first experience with the Butcher Box and we found out that we will not even be receiving it. We’re wondering how you intend to make this right. Please let us know as soon as possible.
Thank you.
Mishael Witty


I immediately got the canned reply:

Hi Mishael.

Thank’s for choosing ButcherBox!

We’ve received your message and one of our member experience specialists will be following up with you shortly.

In the meantime, feel free to check out the following resources:
Frequently Asked Questions:

If you found the answers you were looking for in the linked resources, simply reply got it and we’ll close out your request.

Have a great day ahead!


ButcherBox Member Support

Thirteen hours later, I got this reply from an actual customer service representative:

Hi Mishael,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m so sorry you have experienced an issue with your ButcherBox delivery. I do see from your tracking that this order has been damaged in transit and will not be delivered. Usually the when the carrier damages the order, they contact us so that we are able to set up a replacement right away. I am truly sorry we were not notified about this order. I would love to make this right for you by setting up a replacement for next week. Please let me know if you will be available and I will get that set up for you.

All the best,

Customer Support Specialist

So, basically what they were offering me to make the situation right was – THE BOX I’D ALREADY PAID FOR AND NEVER RECEIVED.

I was … irritated, to say the least. My next message was not very cordial:

Okay, so you’re offering me the minimum in customer service. That would be okay, and that would be the least I would expect (either a new box or a full refund). I paid for a box; I should receive a box. I understand that this was something that happened on the shipping side, but I don’t think I should be penalized for it. And I really feel that I am being penalized, since I’m suffering a shipping delay and not being offered any sort of compensation. I will wait for the new box to arrive before cancelling my subscription (assuming the next one makes it here eventually).

Thank you.
Mishael Witty
This was their ever-so-caring reply:

Hi Mishael,

I do apologize that you are unhappy with the resolution. We aren’t compensated by the carrier in any way other than a small shipping fee reimbursement. When a carrier damages a package, standard practice with most companies is to have the customer file a claim and seek reimbursement from the carrier as once it leaves the warehouse in the intended condition, the carrier is actually liable and not the company itself. We believe the right thing to do despite this is replacing the shipment free of charge. We would rather take the loss financially than require our members to complete the tedious and usually unapproved process of filing a claim with the carrier. Our policy is to replace (or refund if preferred) anything that is damaged in transit on the carrier level, which I’ve already taken care of for you. Your replacement order number is SUB_744006. Once this order is in transit you will receive tracking information via email.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything else I can help you with.

All the best,

Customer Support Specialist

A few things irked me about this reply:

  1. “We aren’t compensated in any way…” –  boo hoo, sob, sob … poor company. Really?
  2. “Standard practice with most companies is to have the customer file a complaint…” – um, not most companies I’ve ever dealt with. EVER. Most companies I’ve dealt with know how to correctly package their products so they don’t get ruined, and/or they bend over backwards to make sure the customer is happy, regardless of what that does to their bottom line.
  3. “We’re replacing this shipment free of charge…” – wow, don’t do me any favors. You didn’t charge me a shipping fee to begin with (as stated on their website). Why would you charge me a shipping fee for a box that is a replacement for a box I PAID FOR AND NEVER RECEIVED?

So, here’s my reply (as you might have noticed, my responses get less and less cordial as we go on, because I get more and more irritated):

You mean you would actually consider charging me a shipping fee for something I should’ve received and didn’t? I know you’re not, but that seems to be the standard practice for you guys, according to your response.

And how do I know that the carrier damaged the box and it wasn’t damaged before it was shipped? There’s no indication of when the damage occurred. I know you say the box left your facility  in the intended condition, but I only have your word on that. And, seeing that this is my first experience with your company, I have no way of knowing how honest you’re being with me.

I’ll wait a week to see if the box arrives, and then I’ll be cancelling my subscription and possibly asking for a refund if the box does not get delivered. This service really seems like more trouble than it’s worth.

At this point, apparently Pam felt that she was done with me. The next message I received was from Heather, a quality and development manager.

Pam asked me to take a look at your email thread. When the box left our fulfilment center in Deleware it was intact and without damage, it wouldn’t have passed through our system checks if there was any damage to the shipping container prior to being loaded onto the FedEx vehicle. Your box shipped from our fulfilment center in Deleware, to the access point in Ohio, to Kentucky where the damage to the box is noted on the tracking. The box was damaged at some point when it was received in Ohio or in transit to the Kentucky access point. When the box was unloaded or prior to the box being placed onto the actual delivery verhicle they noted the meat had thawed making the shipement undeliverable and destroyed as damaged. In either scenario, the box was damaged in transit and therefore technically the responsibily would lie with FedEx to compensate for the damages via a claim submitted by the recipient. This process is tedious and time consuming and we would rather assume the responsibility for the damage and replace the shipment for our member free of charge, absorbing the cost of the reship, which is and always has been our policy. While transit damages are rare (less than 1% monthly), they do occcur and we’re always happy to do the right thing and replace the shipment or if preferred, process a refund for the shipment instead.

Your replacement order ID is 744006. Since this is a replacement/reship of a damaged delivery, it should go out this week for delivery no later than Saturday end of day. All reships are given prioroty and upgraded when nexessary to ensure delivery same week when at all possible.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Aside from Heather’s inability to spell “Delaware” (and other things) correctly, I found this response to be annoying (although it did give me more information about the nature of the damage to the package – thawed meat … YIKES!) because it was basically the same response Pam had already given me. “It’s not our fault; it’s the carrier’s fault. And we’re doing you a favor by not making you file a claim with them or having to pay a shipping fee for the replacement box.”

Right… it’s FedEx’s fault that you didn’t package the meat so that it wouldn’t thaw out before delivery. Uh huh.

So, my response was:

I’m not an idiot. I understood all that information when Pam shared it with me before. I’m not sure why she referred you to me to harass me further when all I want to do is get the one box I paid for (or get a refund if the next box is going to thaw in transit) and get rid of this subscription.

Mishael Witty
Here was her reply to that:

Sorry Mishael,

It did appear that you were under the impression we would charge someone for shipping a replacement and that we would ship a damaged box, both of which are untrue. Pam was looking out in your best interest and wanted to have a manager reach out directly to assure you that we’ve taken ownership of the damage caused, the box being undeliverable, and issued a replacement that has been prioritized to be delivered this week which does include expedition due to the transit time to your zip code. Two-day ground orders put in after Wednesday ship on Monday and we wanted to be sure that you weren’t waiting an extra week. Pam and I will monitor the shipment and make sure there aren’t any issues.

Have a wonderful week remaining and an even better weekend.


Quality & Development Manager

“You were under the impression…”

Now, gee, why would I be under that impression?

They make it seem like they’re doing me a favor by shipping me a replacement box (that I’ve basically already paid for) for free. And their box of meat (that they packaged themselves) thawed out within two days. Obviously, SOMETHING about their packaging is faulty. And they want to blame it all ON MY ZIP CODE.

Um, gee. Victim mentality, much? They say they’re “taking ownership,” but their responses via email belies that just a bit.

(By the way, I quit responding at this point because I knew I was going to keep getting the same kind of answers … and that they didn’t care a thing about me or keeping me as a customer).

So, Butcher Box’s customer convenience? Yeah, that’s a joke!


Obviously, I can’t speak to the quality of the meat because I haven’t received it yet.


  1. If their meat quality in any way resembles the quality of their customer service,  I’ve just wasted $120+. 🙁
  2. They certainly don’t seem to care that they’re wasting the lives of countless animals – cows, chickens, AND pigs. All that meat they packaged for me ruined in transit, so it’s (hopefully) going in the garbage. I hope they don’t try to resend it to me or another customer. That’s just BEYOND wasteful and/or dangerous!


Again, I can’t speak specifically to the value of the meat received because I have not received it. I’m hoping to make it go a bit further so that it ends up costing me better than less than $6 per meal.

We shall see if/when the replacement box gets here, although now I’m a little afraid to even try it.

The Final Verdict on the Butcher Box Service

As soon as that box comes in the mail, or the end of this week comes, whichever comes first, I am cancelling my Butcher Box subscription. I can’t wait!

I never anticipated inconvenience of this magnitude or customer service that was so poor.

I’m done, and apparently I’m not the only one, judging by all the poor reviews it’s gotten on the Better Business Bureau website and other sites.  I wish I’d read all these BEFORE I threw all that money away, but I was drawn in by the empty promises.

Don’t be like me. Save your money, your time, and your sanity! Avoid Butcher Box at all costs!

The funny(sad) thing is, I really wanted to love Butcher Box. I have an affiliate link, so I was going to try to promote it on my blog and maybe make some money off of it. But now I can’t do that and feel good about it. I won’t promote a company that gives their customers such a horrific experience.

If you want my affiliate link, send me a message or comment, and I’ll give it to you. You can get a free box of ground beef in every box for life…assuming the boxes get to you. But I’m not going to post the link here. That service doesn’t even deserve the backlink love, in my opinion.

What Now?

There are other companies that offer a comparable service, although most of them are a lot more expensive than Butcher Box.

One thing I’m looking into now is the meat boxes offered by Thrive Market (yes, that’s an affiliate link). They’re just a bit more expensive than Butcher Box, but Thrive Market’s customer service is a lot better, in my experience. To me, that totally makes it worth it!

I’ll report back at some point and let you know what I think about the Thrive Market boxes.

So, tell me. Have you tried Butcher Box? Love it/hate it? What about the Thrive Market boxes? What do you think about them? Is there something similar out there that you love, and I’m missing?

Talk back to me in the comments.