Know What You Eat … And WHY! Free 30-Day Diet, Exercise, & Emotion Journal

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Do you know what you’re eating each day? I mean, do you REALLY know? More importantly, do you know WHY you eat what you do?

You Can Take Charge of Your Health and Weight by Keeping Track of What You Eat and How You’re Feeling When You Do … and this journal will help you do it!

Emotional eating is not just a fad diet concept or something somebody made up. It’s a real thing that many of us, including myself, struggle with. When you know why you’re eating certain things, even when you’re not necessarily hungry, then you’re going to be better able to take control of what you’re eating … and finally start losing some weight.  For example, I always eat more when I’m bored, so I’m always trying to keep myself busy!

This 30-day food, exercise, water, and emotion tracker will help you take full charge of your weight loss. With this journal, you’ll gain a better grasp of what you eat and the reasons why you make certain food choices. Armed with this knowledge, you can conquer any weight loss challenge, no matter which diet plan you choose to follow. It might not always be easy, but you WILL lose weight!

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From: Mishael Austin Witty

Date: November 25, 2017

Subject: Take Control of Your Health and Weight!

Dear Fellow Wellness Seeker:

January is fast approaching, which means it might not be too early to start thinking about making New Year’s resolutions. The #1 resolution last year (and probably one that’s pretty high up there every year) was to lose weight and/or eat healthier. But you’ll never achieve that if you don’t do one very simple (although slightly time-consuming) thing.

You Can’t Lose Weight Effectively If You Don’t Pay Attention to What – And Why – You’re Eating

With this journal, you’ll be able to:

  • Keep track of everything you eat at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between meals – and you’ll be able to write down how many calories are in all that food. Don’t know where to start? This journal can help with that too!
  • Easily track all your daily exercise – both the type and the duration of it.
  • Get in some coloring fun by filling in the empty glasses on each journal tracker page for each full glass of water you drink during the day by coloring.
  • Record all your food-related thoughts for the day, so you’ll really, consciously know why you decided to eat that chocolate-covered doughnut right before your lunch break.

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Take Control of Your Weight

Keep track of what (and why) you’re eating and drinking every day to help you take control of your body and mind. In 30 days, you can be in the best shape ever … and this journal will help!

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Don’t let this chance go by to start taking control of your health today.

Here’s to Your Total Health,

mishael austin witty

Mishael Austin Witty
Wellness Coach

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