5 MORE Reasons to Start a WordPress Blog


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5 MORE Reasons to Start a WordPress Blog


5 More Reasons To Start A Wordpress Blog 4941012

5 MORE Reasons to Start a WordPress Blog

In the last part of this post, I aimed to inspire you with some very good reasons why you might want to start a WordPress blog. In this part, I’m going to finish my list with five more reasons. By the end of reading this full list, I hope you’ll feel like you have to start building your own WordPress blog right away. And, if you do, I’d love to hear about it in the comments section of this post!

1 – WordPress makes search engine optimization easy

WordPress makes it easier for you to add a lot of content that’s relevant, both to what people are searching for and what Google wants to show people (which are kind of related to each other).

What happens when you add content and links to your site (both links to other content within your site and links to other people’s content outside your site) is that it give your site a good, solid structure that search engines appreciate. When you give them what they want, your site will look more relevant, and they’ll be much more likely to send you more traffic.

By doing this, it’s not like you’re trying to game the system or trick the search engines into thinking your site is better than it is. The fact is, WordPress lays everything out in a way that ensures your site really IS that good. It allows you to have blog post titles, links, categories, and tags that are all related to your site’s major content and build a strong foundation. All these things pull together to lead people to go deeper into and through your site. The longer people stay within your site and the more they click through to other blog posts or pages within your site, the more Google sees your site as being highly relevant and highly targeted, and the more likely they are to bring you more traffic.

2 – WordPress is open source (free)

One really good reason for you to use WordPress is the fact that most of what it has to offer is free. Yes, I can’t I believe I waited until number 7 to tell you this, but you probably already know it if you’ve heard of WordPress.

But if you’ve never heard of WordPress before, let me the first to tell you – you don’t have to buy anything, really.  Other website design software programs cost hundreds of dollars to get you up and running, especially if you hire someone to help you create your website. With WordPress, you can get yourself up and running in a pretty foolproof way at absolutely no cost to you. The only thing you pay for is hosting (if you don’t go with WordPress.com), and you would pay for that whether you used WordPress or another program. So, choose WordPress. You can’t go wrong. 

But let’s take a minute to look at what open source means. It means you get a program that a legitimate company has created. They’ve decided they don’t like the structure of selling software. What they want to do instead is offer it for free so that a large community of developers can work on the software and do what’s called crowd sourcing. They all work together in a big crowd of people – hundreds, maybe thousands; it depends on what the project is – and they build a great, collaborative project.

That’s what WordPress is. Not only is it free, but it’s of great value to its users. I know, “you get what you pay for.” I’ve said it myself a lot, and many times it is very true. But in this case, you’re getting a lot that you haven’t paid for, and that’s pretty cool!

3 – WordPress is easy to install; it just takes minutes!

In this reason, I’m going to tell you quite simply WordPress is really easy to install. You can get hosting from a company like BlueHost, or HostGator, or GoDaddy (that’s who I use, and I’ve never had a problem with them).

There are a lot of different hosting companies who offer one-click or two-click installs of WordPress right in your hosting control panel, so you don’t have to worry about transferring files or figuring out how to upload your website to your hosting company.

Basically, you do a one-click or two-click install of WordPress, and you’ve got a website in less than a minute. Seriously, that’s about how long it took me to set this site up. If you’re new to WordPress or self-hosted sites, it might take you a bit longer to read through your host’s training materials or online tutorials, but it still shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to get everything up and running.

And that website that you just set up in minutes can make you residual income for years to come. 

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4 – WordPress lets you schedule your blog posts

Now, if you created a website back in the old days, or if you had one created for you back in the old days, you know that you had to go to either your web developer or sit down, add your content, and then upload it when you wanted it to come out.

A great thing about WordPress (one of the things I love most about it) is that you can really plan ahead. You can plan and schedule and pre-schedule your posts to go out for a whole month in advance, if you want.

So, if you have your WordPress website set up as a content management system, you can basically have pre-scheduled posts or website pages that are being constantly added to your site. This is a great advantage to you, because the search engines love it when you have highly relevant content coming out on a regular basis. WordPress allows you to do that without having to constantly be visiting your website and uploading new content. You just set it all up once and forget about it. Then you can set your mind to other business-building tasks while your site is constantly being updated with fresh new content.  

5 – wordpress makes website usability navigation a snap!

So far, all these reasons why you want to start a WordPress blog have focused on YOU, the blogger.

But what’s the advantage for your blog readers if you use WordPress? Are there any?


WordPress makes it super simple for your blog readers to navigate your site, and that means they’ll stick around longer and interact more.

It was very difficult to set up the old-school sites for navigation. You used to have to code everything in and think very long and hard about the best way to lay out your site so people can get around it.

WordPress takes out all the guess work! It has all kinds of super navigation abilities built right now. For instance, you see how my site has all those categories listed across the top? I set those up in just a few minutes with what WordPress offers. It’s so simple – and makes everything look so nice! Plus, you will find it easier to get to what you’re interested in by clicking up at the top and selecting something from those drop-down menus.   

You can also use widgets (like the ones I have the side) that show you the different categories the blog posts are in on the site, and you can even use these to monetize your site. Put ads for affiliate products you love and you think other people would love, and definitely put up some way for people to sign up to your email list or follow your blog so you can keep in touch with your readers.

Make it easy for your readers to get to the information they need and/or want, and they’ll appreciate you for that.

If you have a message that you want to get out into the world, you need to use WordPress to create your website. It will save you so much time and money, and it will make your life a whole lot easier!

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