5 Things That Make Soy Candles Awesome!

5 Things That Make Soy Candles Awesome 1841627
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5 Things That Make 9701452 Almost everyone loves candles … and for good reason. They are a great way to add warmth and comfort to your home. Plus, they are affordable and can last for a very long time. But the best part is they look good, both lit and unlit. In fact, if you’re anything like me you get a little sad each time you light a candle because you feel like you’re ruining its beauty. Candles are both practical and gorgeous, and they can be made from different types of wax. Most candles have traditionally been made from paraffin wax, but soy candles are the most sought-after candles these days. The main reason for this is because soy candles are healthier than other types of candles. Did you know that candles made from paraffin wax can be dangerous to your health, the health of your children, and even the health of your pets? Some of these candles have been known to kill pet birds! Paraffin is not good for people to be inhaling because it is a petroleum byproduct, and some candles even contain lead wicks. Lead has been known to cause decreases in IQ, learning difficulties, and behavior problems. Candles with lead wicks emit 500-1000 micrograms of lead per hour. Compare that to the maximum safe exposure level for children and adults, one-half to one micrograms of lead per cubic meter of air, and you’ll see how much of a problem this can be. Note: I know of one company that makes candles from food-grade paraffin wax (not nearly as dangerous as regular paraffin wax) that does not use lead wicks. These candles are gorgeous, and I highly recommend them. For more information, read this blog post. However, with soy candles you really don’t have to deal with any of these worries. Soy candles were created in the 1990s to combat the growing problem of inferior cheap candles. These days, you can experience all the glory of good candles and the light they produce without all the dangerous components. You can even get soy candles that have amazing scents and rings hidden inside. There are so many reasons for you to choose soy candles over regular run-of-the-mill candles. For instance, did you know that soy candles can last twice as long as other candles? It’s true, and that makes them a very cost-effective home decor choice. Have you ever noticed how the fragrance of some scented candles gets a little overpowering? That is because those candles burn so hot and fast. When you are using soy candles this is not a problem. Soy candles burn at a lower temperature, so the scent is dispersed at a much better rate — one that will keep your home smelling fresh all day long. The biggest complaint that most people have about most traditional candles is the soot factor. How many times have you had to try and scrub off soot after lighting a candle? Well, the good news is that you will never have to do this again when you switch over to soy candles. Soy candles have no soot production. They will never stain anything at all. Soy is also a renewable resource. It grows in the USA, and there is an abundance of it. You will never have to worry about hurting the environment when you are using soy candles. The only problem will be if the soy for the candle comes from a Monsanto-infected field. You should be able to contact customer service and found out. Jewelscent candles, for example, are made from soy that’s grown in California, which is one of the states that’s really against the Roundup Ready crops. … And we probably should all breathe a sigh of relief (and we can safely). Soy candles are awesome for so many reasons. You can’t go wrong with buying one — and especially if you buy from Jewelscent. And don’t forget you get a free ring inside every classic or luxe candle. That’s reason enough for me to buy them! How about you?

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