Healing with Gemstones and Crystals

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If you are interested in natural and holistic health, like I am, you might have thought about using healing gemstones and crystals in your daily wellness practices. This involves either wearing, decorating your home or physical space with, or drinking water charged with the energy from various gemstones. Healing with gemstones and crystals requires them to be either in their raw, just dug up from the ground, state or in a tumbled version for the effective removal of negative energy from your body.  This post explores some of the most commonly used types of stones for healing. 


One of the more popular healing crystals to start out with is amethyst. This is also included among the beginner crystals, which can be placed on your body or in your pocket, worn on a necklace chain, or even rubbed between your hands to remove negative energy.

Amethyst provides some excellent health benefits, including improving your sleep and reducing fatigue, relieving headaches, and improving the look of your skin.


Another healing crystal that is good for beginners to use in their search for holistic health is quartz. There are several different types of quartz with other various benefits.

The main benefits of clear quartz are reducing anxiety, and improving mental issues like stress and irritability. Rose quartz, on the other hand, is helpful for reducing fatigue and correcting emotional imbalance.


If you can find bloodstone (also known as heliotrope), which is a little rarer and harder to find, you can use it to improve your circulatory system, especially balancing your blood pressure. This is one of the few stones that has this healing property, so it’s always a good idea to have it around. Bloodstone also helps boost your immune system, so you can use it to prevent, or reduce the severity of, colds and various other illnesses. 


Opal is one of my favorite gemstones ever. It is a beautiful, translucent crystal gemstone that is perfect for improving your imagination, inspiration, and creativity. If you are an artist or someone who’s just looking for ways to be more creative, you need to add opal to your healing crystals collection. Opal is also useful for helping relieve headaches and reducing various PMS symptoms.


Citrine is a orangish-yellow crystal that is great for your mental health. With citrine in your hands or placed near your head, you can spark creativity and give your memory and concentration a nice boost.

If you’re looking to treat a particular disease, healing gemstones and crystals can help you with that too. For example, blue jade and amber are useful for treating asthma, and moss agate or green aventurine can be used to treat Crohn’s disease. You can find a stone to heal almost any mental or physical ailment. For a good beginner’s guide, check out the book above. To go more in depth into crystals and healing, check out this book.

Wait a minute – i thought you were a christian. what’s with all this woo-woo stuff?

I’ve always been fascinated by gemstones and crystals. When I was little, we lived in a newly developed subdivision where construction was still ongoing, so I would take walks with my dad and pick up big chunks of beautiful crystal quartz. I kept that quartz collection for years, and I still might have it somewhere. I’ve just lost track of it somehow. Fast forward a few decades, and I started making my own beaded jewelry.   At first, I used cheap plastic beads and string and whatever I could find to use without spending a lot of money, but then I discovered the beautiful, amazing world of gemstone beads, and I’ve never looked back. Now almost every piece I make uses gemstone beads, either exclusively or as a featured item. Because I was working with the gemstones, I decided to learn more about them. Admittedly, a lot of the information out there on gemstones and crystals is of the New Age-y, Wiccan bent. And I didn’t want to go there. When I first felt the desire to create this post, I wondered if I could do so while still honoring God. Or was I just too intent on doing what seemed right to me, thereby opening a door for Satan to come in? So, I asked God what He thought about it. Was it okay for me to write a post about the healing properties of gemstones and crystals? He led me to this wonderful blog post. Basically, the author argues that crystals and gemstones were created by God (which is true), and God called all His creation “good” after He created it, so crystals are inherently “good.” And they have living energy (Don’t believe me? See this post for a discussion of the living energy of rocks) that can be used to harmonize the energy in and around us. Crystals, gemstones, and rocks are mentioned throughout the Bible, and the ancient Hebrews even used them in their worship and communication with God. We don’t have to use them in this way because we have the Holy Spirit living inside us, but we can use the energy of the rocks to help balance our energy and get us to a healthier state of being. We just have to be careful about using them as a crutch or a replacement for God. So we must be constantly vigilant about how we’re using the crystals, so we don’t give the devil a foothold (Ephesians 4:27). The devil has taken much of God’s creation and used it to deceive men for thousands of years (I’m thinking specifically of all the beautiful stars and constellations in the sky that point to the Lord Jesus Christ, but so many have turned them into man-focused fortune-telling tools). That’s because we gave up our dominion over the earth when Adam ate from the tree God told him not to eat from. He listened to the creation, instead of the Creator. I think it’s about time that we, as God’s people, took back dominion. And one of the ways we can do that is by learning about the healing powers God has built into His creation and using them wisely. What do you think? Have you ever tried healing with gemstones and crystals? What have your experiences been?

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