Must-Have Gifts for People Who Love Essential Oils


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Must-Have Gifts for People Who Love Essential Oils

Is there someone in your life who loves essential oils? Then you’ve come to the right place if you’re trying to find the perfect gift for a birthday, holiday, or a just-because gift.

There is truly something on this list for every essential oil lover. Just keep reading…


Like this one…

This is a lot like the one I have, although mine came from my favorite online shopping club. And I didn’t even have to pay for mine. I got it for free as part of their loyalty program.

Then there’s this one…

Must-Have Gifts for People Who Love Essential OilsI love the wood design of this diffuser. If you’re looking for a more rustic piece to fit your decor, then this is definitely the way to go. Just beautiful!

Or even this one…

Must-Have Gifts for People Who Love Essential OilsI can totally imagine a genie coming out with the steam from the top of this one. Except with this diffuser you get something better than a genie. You get the benefits of improved mood and overall better health.


I love my tabletop essential oil diffuser, but you know what I love even more? Wearing an essential oil diffuser! Here are some of the prettiest (and cheapest options).


Must-Have Gifts for People Who Love Essential Oils

Tree of life necklaces are so popular right now, and they are incredibly beautiful. Pair that with the ability to diffuse and wear your favorite essential oils 24/7, and you’ll have any essential oil lover wrapped around your finger. This one is available from Amazon for just under $26, but I just got this one from for only $1.

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While it’s not a tree of life necklace, I know they have one on the site. Just search for aromatherapy necklace, and you’ll see all the stunning diffuser necklace designs Wish has to offer.


There are aromatherapy bracelet designs to match the necklaces, like this one.

Must-Have Gifts for People Who Love Essential Oils

And then there are the bracelets made from lava beads (you put the essential oil directly onto the lava bead, and the lava acts like a natural diffuser). I love this one in particular because of the rainbow stones. It’s next on my to-buy list.

Bracelets Chakra Healing Balance Bracelet Lava Wish Stones Limited Time Offer Buy 2 Get One Free 1 1024x1024 1623427


And what jewelry ensemble would be complete without earrings?

Must-Have Gifts for People Who Love Essential Oils

I love the rough, earthy look of these earrings (again, made with lava rock, so they diffuse the oil naturally). 

And, of course, there are several options to choose from on, like these.

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The Plant Therapy Essential Oil Starter Set is the perfect gift from someone who’s just getting started with essential oils — or someone who’s expressed interest in getting started with essential oils.

Plant Therapy is my second choice for essential oils. They’re all of very high quality, not diluted with junk like other brands (even some that claim to be high quality).

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Eden’s Garden is another company that’s committed to bringing its customers high quality oils. They have various gift sets available on Amazon. I’m particularly partial to the biblical set (especially around Christmas), since it contains frankincense,  spikenard, and myrrh.

Must-Have Gifts for People Who Love Essential Oils


The surest way to make any essential oil love swoon is to  give them a bottle of rare and expensive oil.

Here are some of the most expensive:

  • German Blue Chamomile – great for anxiety
  • Helichrysum – has super healing properties
  • Jasmine Absolute – used as an aphrodisiac or memory enhancer
  • Melissa (Lemon Balm) – has a natural calming effect
  • Neroli – calms nerves and improves circulation
  • Rose Otto – used as an aphrodisiac and rejuvenator
  • Sandalwood (Indian) – extremely popular as a base note in perfumes

Want to know what some other rare oils are? Check out this list … or this one.


When I first started out with essential oils, I wasn’t sure I wanted anything to do with blending, but my daughter had other plans. Soon we were mixing our own perfumes, and I found out that I didn’t quite have everything I needed.

Same with essential oil storage. I didn’t even think about needing an essential oil storage box until I started expanding my collection and realized that it wasn’t the best idea to just line them all up on my nightstand. Essential oils keep best when they’re stored in a dark place.

So, if you know someone who’s just starting to build their essential oil collection, you might want to consider getting them some of the following useful (but not always thought of) tools:

  • Glass stirring rods
  • Glass pipettes – These are especially useful if you (or the gift recipient) are/is trying to put your essential oil perfume into the next item on this list. I know this from experience. Don’t be like me. Get something that will measure exactly how much you need to put into your receptacle of choice. That way you won’t have to be guessing.
  • Spritzer bottles, dropper bottles, and/or roller bottles – Whenever possible, get the blue- or amber-tinted glass bottles to store your essential oils and/or essential oil creations. Essential oils last longer (i.e., retain their beneficial properties longer) if they are kept out of direct sunlight, which is one reason why you might need one of the following:
  • Essential oil wooden storage box
  • Padded essential oil carrying case

This is also really attractive as a display case, but it’s not so practical for carrying your essential oils from place to place. They might all fall out.

Must-Have Gifts for People Who Love Essential OilsNow that I’ve given you some ideas as to what to buy for the essential oil lover in your life? Tell me: Which one is your favorite? Can you think of something I left out. Let me know in the comments!


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