Not All Paraffin Wax Is Bad

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Paraffin wax has been used for over 150 years to make candles because it results in more even burning and less unwanted odor, and it is much cheaper to make because it comes from petroleum oil.

However, because it comes from petroleum oil, there are some dangers attached to it. Low grade paraffin wax has not gone through much refining, so it contains much higher amounts of serious toxins like aromatic olefins, benzene, or acrolein than does higher quality (more refined) paraffin wax. The highest grade paraffin wax is known as food grade paraffin wax, which is widely used by the food industry. In food ingredient lists, paraffin waz is labeled aliphatic hydrocarbons. You can often find it in chewing gum and even hard candies. determine the grade of the paraffin product. While even food grade paraffin wax is not free from toxic ingredients, it does contain much smaller traces than the cheaper, lower quality paraffin wax (which is what most mass-produced candles contain, along with harmful pigments and dyes that include lead).

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Because of the potential harmful effects of paraffin wax use in candles, many candle companies have shied away from using it. Jewelscent, for example, uses soy wax in its candles (which is not entirely free from concern, given the Monsanto Roundup application to most of the nation’s soybean fields). But Gold Canyon Candles proudly uses food grade paraffin wax to make all its candles, and they do guarantee a Happy Fragrance Experience for all their customers.

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Paraffin wax, in addition to allowing for a more even burn than other types of wax, ensures a superior fragrance delivery, which is pretty important for anyone who loves scented candles like I do. Gold Canyon Candles are gorgeous, and I really have no qualms at all about burning them in my house. Visit my site today to explore the beauty of Gold Canyon Candles!




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