Sugar Detox Diet Success Tips


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Remember when we talked about how addictive sugar can be in the first post of this series? As you get further along in the sugar detoxification process, you may become acutely aware that you’re a sugar addict. And you might not even have realized you had a problem before. 

Researchers now know that withdrawal from soft drinks, sweeteners, and processed foods can be alarmingly similar to withdrawal symptoms experienced by cocaine and heroin addicts.

The sugar detox diet we’ve been talking about addresses some of these symptoms by offering solutions through food choices, vitamin supplements, and exercise. If you’ve become dependent on highly processed foods, you may feel some of these symptoms, but adhering to the diet plan can help reduce the symptoms. After you’ve been on the sugar detox diet and the withdrawal symptoms begin to subside, your muscle cells will once again become sensitive to insulin, and your body will begin to function optimally. You’ll even see some improvement in the appearance of your skin and hair.

Alternative Treatments

If you’re experiencing especially strong withdrawal symptoms as a result of your break from sugar, you may want to try some natural methods such as acupuncture and meditation. Exercise can also help lessen the impact of sugar withdrawal.

dietary changes

The sugar substitute galactose can also help you overcome strong cravings. It’s a healthier type of sugar that doesn’t have any effect on your metabolism. You can also help reduce your cravings by reducing your overall carbohydrate intake and increasing your essential vitamin and nutrient consumption.

It’s especially important to increase your intake of antioxidant supplements like vitamins E, C, and B complex, in addition to supplementing with alpha-lipoic acid supplement. Anything you can do to restore your metabolic balance will be helpful in reducing withdrawal symptoms.

Enlist the help of plants, roots, and herbs in your desire to break the addiction to sugar. Some of these additions to your diet can help restore the metabolic process. Some herbs that have been shown to definitely aid in the treatment of metabolic syndrome are ginseng, bitter melon, and berberine (found in Golden Seal and Oregon Grape).

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increase your nutritional knowledge

Make sure you learn about the foods you’re consuming. The success of this diet plan depends on you adhering to a balanced diet of the five main food groups and being aware of your sugar intake at all times.


In the first two weeks, it is critical to strictly adhere to the plan. This takes willpower – especially if you’ve become highly addicted to sugar. Listen to your body, and don’t give in to the sugar cravings.

Wake up earlier

If you’re anything like I am, this next success tip is going to hurt. I like my beauty sleep. I’d probably hibernate for weeks at a time, if I could. But that’s not good for you if you’re doing a sugar detox.

Instead, you need to start waking up a little earlier — about 45 minutes before your normal breakfast time, when it’s easier to recognize real feelings of hunger. This will help you pay much more attention to the signals your body is giving you.

Sugar has become the nemesis of the modern world. Don’t let your sugar addiction get the better of you. Take the time to learn how you can resist sugar addiction and help your body return to health and vibrancy (you’ve taken the first step on this journey by reading this series of blog posts – good for you!). Take control of your health by cutting out the sugar, and check out my Thinkific course on the sugar detox diet if you want more in-depth information and more detailed meal plans. 

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