These Bath Accessories Are “Da BOMB”!

These Bath Accessories Are Da BOMB 1458565

I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist using that for a title. I know. Bad joke. But I’m getting ready to introduce to a very, VERY good product. In fact, it’s one of my favorite Jewelscent products (and I really love them all A LOT). There it is … the beautiful Jewelscent bath bomb. These things are HUGE, and they smell amazing. Plus, they are super moisturizing. I love to dip my hands and feet in the water after my girls take a bath with them (I rarely have time for a bath, but a good foot soak I can fit in with no problem!). 21458192 10210063650329974 4466538653469751795 O 4041999 I’ve also gotten some of my favorite rings out of the Jewelscent bath bombs. Here are a couple of examples. Another thing I love about these bath bombs is that there are some really good things in here, and there are not a lot of bad things. And that’s really important when you’re trying to focus on total wellness. It’s important to put the right sort of things on your skin (and avoid the wrong sorts of things). The skin is, after all, your body’s largest organ. What affects your skin can affect your whole body. Here’s the full ingredient list of the Jewelscent bath bombs: Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, magnesium sulfate, polysorbate 20, fragrance, olive oil glycereth-8 esters, witch hazel, sunflower oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, sodium coco sulfate, benzophenone 4, colorant Did you catch that “sulfate” ingredient toward the end — not lauryl, or laureth, sulfate (that’s really bad stuff, and we’ll talk about it more later on this blog. Coco sulfate comes from coconuts, and that makes it a little less synthetically derived than either sodium lauryl or sodium laureth sulfate. There’s still some question as to how safe coco sulfate actually is, but the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database gives it safe rating. That makes it okay, in my book! I feel I should also mention another cool feature of these bath bombs. Some of them, as I mentioned above, have rings in them. Others (the Essentials line) don’t. These are cheaper than the ring bath bombs, and they also have more of the awesome product in them. You really can’t go wrong with either type of bath bomb! Visit my site and find your new favorite today.

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